Raxon is a holistic Real estate service provider, catering to global clientele. We are on a mission to streamline and simplify the process of owning, managing and monitoring our client portfolios for all types of properties and industries. Backed by our years of experience in lease extraction and management, Raxon helps mitigate risks, generate accurate reports, keep track on payments and drives strategic planning. We love to be different amongst other players and so we make use of any given opportunity and be a differentiator wherever possible. Our multi-disciplined team has expertise in almost all the lease abstraction and accounting platforms available in the market which helps us in starting the projects immediately, without any training providing the best in class service to our Clients. To name a few, our team is well versed in Prolease, Yardi, MRI, Tririga, Costar, Visual Lease, Lucernex, Lease Harbor, AMT Direct.

Raxon is completely equipped for FASB 842 Lease Accounting Changes. It’s just not about the compliance but more about running the business efficiently while reducing the total cost of ownership. It’s time we move beyond the spreadsheets and get into an accounting system which helps your Organization complying to the changes as well as making the Organization function more efficiently. Raxon can help you in digitalizing the lease agreements still as papers, organizing the lease data in a system, which would provide adequate control over the assets and the lease data. Be it new leases for assets or the migration of existing information to a new system which complies to the new standards, we understand the nitty-gritties of the business better and could help you be a top-liner.

We serve almost all the industries right from Retail, Office, Residential, Telecom, Industrial, Specialty, Mixed Use, Healthcare and Hospitality. We directly serve Small and Large Property Owners, Tenants, Property Management Firms, Facility Management Firms and Brokerage Firms. We also serve the investors segment like Lenders/Banks, Investment Managers and Private Equities. We never restrict ourselves and would always wish to be a topliner exhibiting our colossal potential being always prepared for any new business challenges coming on our way.